Commercial Plantings

Four Seasons works with design architects and landscape designers to install all of the project specified plantings. We can take a project from the planning stages through the completed project. Four Seasons has years of experience with planting trees, shrubs, and flowering plants to any landscape. Make sure to make a wise investment and consult a landscaping expert!

Proper planting sets the stage for healthy plant growth. Improper planting cannot be compensated with watering, fertilizing or other techniques or materials. Ask us about our PLANT REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE.

Planting Starts With Planning

  • Do you want to add trees?
  • What types shrubs and  bushes flowers would look best in your front yard?
  • Where would you like to have flowering plants?
  • Where will green leafy shrubs look best?
  • Spring flowering?
  • Brilliantly colored leaves in the fall?
  • Ground cover over there on the left side?
  • Perennials or annuals?

Four Seasons Landscape can help you in choosing the best plants for what you want to achieve.

How to correctly plant your selection of trees, shrubs, roses, etc., is the next challenge. Unfortunately here in New England, we don’t have an abundance of rich and deep soil. In most cases, the ground needs to be carefully prepared for the new plants, besides just digging a hole.

  • How do you enrich the existing soil?
  • How big an area do you need to disturb?
  • How deep and wide must the hole be?

Four Seasons Landscape has extensive experience in planting, and guarantees that the plants will survive and thrive, if maintained and tended to correctly.

Ready to make a wise investment? Call Four Seasons Landscaping & Hardscape at 508-657-1885 for a free consultation.

Once the planting is complete, it is important to apply mulch and establish a clean edging towards the lawn or walkway.

We serve Hopkinton MA, Holliston MA, Uxbridge MA, Upton MA, Milford MA, Mendon MA, Hopedale MA, Bellingham MA, Boston MA and the Cape.